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Q: Does the long-term effect of the sun harm the synthetic grass or make it fade?

A:. Our fibers have a UV protection coating and can withstand the damaging effects of sun, heat, wind, snow and ice and are covered by long guarantees!

Q: What is the life expectancy of this product?

A:  There are variables to this but actual life expectancy is 20-25 years depending on usage and regular (low )maintenance.

Q: What type of maintenance should I expect?

A: An occasional sweeping is recommended. This will stand the fibers up and even out the infill material if this has been added. Debris like leaves and twigs can be easily removed with a leaf blower. As long as the leaf blower nozzle is not placed too close to the turf, the sand will stay in place while the debris is blown away.

Q: What about drainage?

A: Drainage is very similar to natural grass. The turf backing has small perforated holes allowing for water to drain vertically and into the base. Additionally a sand infill helps absorbs and holds the water until it can evaporate or drain. We can provide additional drainage if you require.

Q: Can Dogs and Cats harm it?

A: It's great for pets! We even sell this material strictly for dog runs. Our synthetic grass system is not much different than natural grass, as the urine and waste washes through the system and into the ground. The holes in the bottom allow the water and urine to pass through the artificial grass system and into the base below. Other messes clean up the same as natural grass, using a pooper-scooper or shovel. You may also spray the soiled area with a hose then simply brush the turf back into place. The real advantage is that all of the waste and urine does not kill or create dead spots in your grass. We have an Artificial Grass sanitiser which kills 99.9% of all bacteria which is perfect for pets.

Q: Where can Artificial Grass be installed?

A: Anywhere that natural grass would grow, plus anywhere that natural grass has trouble growing. It can also go on decking, patios, slabs...practically anywhere!

Q: Can I install Artificial Grass myself?

A: Yes but we do recommend having a certified installer install the artificial grass, but we do provide a complete do it yourself installation guide for those that feel they can and offer as much help as possible.

Q: Is it Low Maintenance?

A: Yes, absolutely, just remove debris (leaves,etc off the grass as and when required and brush up the nap once a month. It's also a good idea to protect your investment further and to get the best out of your new lawn to a have a professional maintenace provider come in once (or twice a year) to professionaly clean, sanitise and power brush your lawn

Q: Do you ever get weeds?

A: Occasionally but with the thickness of our quality geotextile membrane and the backing of the grass means weeding is all but gone! Obviously seeds can be airborne and can settle in a drainage hole or at the edge of the grass but just pull these out as and when. It really is a minimal task.


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